Instant-Sangria Fruit mixture for sangria

Instant-Sangria 60g (1 Package)
Instant-Sangria 60g (1 Package)
Instant-Sangria 60g (1 Package)
Instant-Sangria 60g (1 Package)
Instant-Sangria 60g (1 Package)
1 Package, 60g
12.95 €
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Fancy some tasty sangria but no time to prepare it? With our new Instant Sangria, it’s ready in just 15 minutes!

Hard to be believed but it works a treat! With RyVital’s Instant Sangria, you can fix up a sangria in a matter of minutes and only need to provide the drink. A variety of fruits, slices of lemon, orange and lime and cinnamon sticks are already perfectly prepared for you.

Instant Sangria contains freeze-dried fruits which are long-lasting but still highly aromatic and full of nutrients. As all of the moisture has been taken out of these fruits, they quickly absorb the red wine you use and taste truly delicious.

Try it for yourself!
Here is the recipe for approx. 6-12 portions:

  1. Take one bottle of sweet (smooth) wine (approx. 700 ml) and pour it into a punch bowl.
  2. Add a little orange juice (we recommend 85 ml).
  3. Add rum to taste and to achieve the desired
    strength (we recommend 50 ml).
  4. Add the entire “Instant Sangria” pack to the punch bowl and stir occasionally to help the fruits absorb the red wine.
  5. 15 minutes later, add a dash of mineral water (we recommend 85 ml) and serve the finished sangria - cheers! n

Ingredients: Raspberries, strawberries, apple, cherries, orange slices, lemon slices, lime slices, cinnamon sticks

How to use: Prepare the red wine

according to the recipe and then add

the fruit mixture. In just 15 minutes, the sangria

is ready to be enjoyed.

Serve cold.
Produced in Germany
60g packet
(corresponds to approx. 500g fruit before freeze-drying)


Per 100g

Pro Cuo


1.417 kJ
335 kcal

850 kJ
201 kcal

of which sugar

54,8 g
44,3 g

32,9 g
26,6 g

of which saturated fats

2,4 g
0,5 g

1,4 g
0,3 g


0,2 g

0,1 g


22,4 g

13,4 g